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Webinar: A More Granular Approach to Revenue Cycle: Digging Deeper into Specialty Reimbursement Niches

10 May 2016 11:00 AM | Ronald Gallagher (Administrator)
Speaker: Chad Powers


Landmark reform, an uncertain economy, the evolution of the health-care consumer, and a record number of consolidations are causing great bottom line challenges for hospital leaders. A more granular approach to identifying additional sources of revenue is now critical for success. Tightly managing all aspects of the revenue cycle, including specialty reimbursement categories, is no longer a luxury. This presentation delves into the science of specialty reimbursement with a particular emphasis on Motor Vehicle Accidents.

Learning Objectives:
  • Discuss the importance of non-standard revenue niches
  • Discuss relevant demographic and trends of, Motor Vehicle Accident claims and their impact on healthcare
  • List 5 emerging trends related to Motor Vehicle Accidents and identify how hospital revenue cycle teams should adapt in preparation

Take Away:
An effective strategy for managing motor vehicle accidents is no longer an optional decision for revenue cycle executives.

Speaker Biography:
Mr. Powers has worked for Franklin, TN based Medical Reimbursements of America, Inc. (MRA) for more than six years. In his current role, he serves as General Counsel and manages the Legal Department and Compliance at MRA. In addition to his corporate legal responsibilities, Mr. Powers advises on operational issues including managed care, ERISA, Medicare/Medicaid, MSP Compliance, workers’ compensation, third-party recoveries as well as HIPAA/HITECH compliance. Given the complexity of changes in health care, Mr. Powers provides educational and training events to professional associations in the industry and to hospital employees nationwide.
Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge
Delivery Method: Group Internet Based
Program Level: Intermediate
Prerequisite(s): None
Advanced Preparation: None
Cost: Free
CPE Hours: 1.0 Hours CPE
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